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My La Porte is dedicated to life and living in the County of LaPorte, Indiana. LaPorte County is located in the Northwest corner of Indiana. 

You will find that the spellings La Porte and LaPorte are interchangeable. While the USPS Postal Website lists La Porte as the preferable spelling, it does acknowledge the spelling LaPorte as acceptable. What ever the spelling, LaPorte is called home to many.

Michigan City creates regulations for Garage Sales.

- Permits costing money may be required. 

Garage Sales limited to a maximum of three days in duration and no more than four times in a year. There is talk of rescinding the requirement of a $5 permit which is also a part of the new regulations.  A fine of $100 is possible for each violation.


Information on the Anthem security breach
and what can be done to protect yourself.

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Mission of this site.

The goal and mission of this site is to reflect life and living within the County of LaPorte. The photo gallery will foster images of lifestyles and events in the city. The community calender will be open for citizens to promote their events and functions. The Yard & Garage Sales page will be available for residents to find those sales withing town without needing to sort through all the Michigan garage sales. The Consumer page will try to operate as a consumer advocate for LaPorte.

My LaPorte.Com offers some tricks and suggestions for those holding

Garage Sales.

After planning your date and location, and getting your merchandise in order, the most important task you need to do is to promote your garage sale.  Signs around the neighborhood are one option, or taking an ad out in the local newspaper's classifieds section is another, but there are many many ore options and at a fraction of the cost of a newspaper ad.

View the
Garage Sales Tips
page for further information.


“Michigan’s longest garage sale” is getting ready for another year. It runs along US-12 Heritage Trail stretching more than 200 miles from New Buffalo to Detroit. So get ready for crowds roaming the streets of New Buffalo and looking for bargains on August 7th-9th.

Open to businesses, homes and locations in New Buffalo, we will list them on our website and add to the map available at www.us12heritagetrail.org/garage_sale To learn more about US-12 Heritage Trail, visit their website or Facebook page.

Please contact the NBBA at events@newbuffalo.org for more information

See LaPorte Consumer Advocacy for details on freezing your credit. It is a way to protect yourself from someone else opening a credit account in your name, and for Indiana residents it is totally free. Information on how to do it is free from many sources including on this site although I have included this information in a booklet for Kindle and Kindle compatible devices in the Kindle store for 99 cents. That booklet is linked to below.