MyLaPorte.Com is an online destination created for Life and Living in LaPorte. MyLaPorte.com operates under the business alias of LaPorte Modern Media which is owned and operated by Michael D. Maxfield.

LaPorte Modern Media and its subparts was formed to fill the gaps left by the old structure media trying to stay afloat using the old principles of media in a modern world. Except in the rarest of instances, dead tree media is not the prefered method of today’s media consumer. The old structure no longer supports their business and they have to resort to cutting days out of their distribution as well as consolidating their classifieds across several counties in multiple states at a newer price to reflect the larger readership. I’m guessing that LaPorte readers don’t care to hear about garage sales in Benton Harbor, nor do those placing ads for garage sales in LaPorte care if readers in Benton Harbor are informed about their sale… not if they have to pay extra for that distribution.