LaPorte Consumer Advocacy

Today we received the first of what may wind up being four similar letters from Anthem on how they propose to handle the security breach of December 2014 for those who were exposed. <READ MORE>


Are you protected from identity theft?  – Oct. 24, 2014

Have you subscribed to one of those credit monitoring services? Do you have a “lock” on your credit? (ie, like Lifelock or a “credit control” feature from one of the credit report agencies.)  <READ MORE>


Warnings about Computer Tech Support Calls -October 4, 2013

Just got a call from someone who was concerned about my computer doing odd things online. Asked if my computer was on… told him I just turned it on and it would take a few moments because it was an old computer. About 20 seconds later I told him it was ready (How freakin old could it be if it was ready that fast? )  <READ MORE>