Warnings about Computer Tech Support Calls

October 4, 2013

Just got a call from someone who was concerned about my computer doing odd things online. Asked if my computer was on… told him I just turned it on and it would take a few moments because it was an old computer. About 20 seconds later I told him it was ready (How freakin old could it be if it was ready that fast? )

Guy asked me what I saw in the lower left hand of the “SCREEN”. Did I see the control button? Uh, On the screen I asked him. Yes. Don’t you mean Keyboard? Yes. Good, because there is nothing on the lower left of my screen.
You don’t see the Start button? “No”
What do you see next to the control key? “A window button.”
Press that window button and R while pressing R. “Ar Ar??
No, while holding the window button press R (So I did to humor him, but when he asked “What do you see on your screen”
I told him “MSDOS 3.4 copyright 1985

You don’t see the start button? “No”
Close that window. “What window?
Can you see you icons? “What icons?”
How old are you that you don’t know what an icon is? “Oh, I know what an icon is, but you don’t understand how old I am when I tell you that this computer I booted up for you says M S D O S 3 point 4. Did you want me to boot my Linux machine,or perhaps a Mac machine? You didn’t say which one to turn on.”
I said to turn on the Window’s computer. “No you didn’t. You told me to turn on MY computer. You as a scammer didn’t have the brains to perceive someone might have more than one, and that they might be onto your game already.”


Folks, if you receive a call from someone wanting to fix your computer, do not do what they want you to do. At best, they might get you to install some spamware into your computer… at worst, they will OWN your computer and be able to monitor EVERYTHING you type (passwords, bank accounts, personal stuff, etc) as well as force your computer into joining the corp of bot drones for being used for whatever services of your computer they can sell to others.


A More recent call I received from “Tech Support.”
may contain some objectionable language


And another call I received from “Geek Support”
may contain some objectionable language